To make a corsage, begin with an odd number of blooms, use wire to secure the blooms to the filler and tape it all together with green florist's tape. Add a bow in a complementary color to tie everything together.

A handmade corsage is a nice touch to a wedding or other formal occasion. Very few supplies are needed, including the blooms, filler, thin-gauge wire, florist's tape and ribbon.

Step 1: Wire the blooms and filler

Corsages look best when an odd number of blooms is used. Trim the blooms and thread the wire through the base of the bloom, leaving a few inches of wire extension. Wrap the wire with florist's tape. Secure a bit of filler to each bloom with more florist's tape.

Step 2: Join the blooms together

Once each bloom has some of the filler attached, it is time to join them together to create the corsage. Take three blooms and make a triangle shape with two on the bottom and one on top, in the middle. Use florist's tape to secure the three blooms together. If there are more blooms, add them two by two to the base, securing each row with tape.

Step 3: Add the bow

Use wired ribbon to make a looped bow. Tie a piece of wire around the middle and extend an inch or two below. Secure the bow to the corsage with tape.