To make a boat out of aluminum foil, layer three 18-inch sheets of foil, align the edges, cut diagonal lines from each corner, roll the edges with a pencil, and then use an iron to bend the foil into shape. Finish the seams with duct tape.

  1. Gather the supplies

    To complete this project, you need a roll of aluminum foil, duct tape, scissors, a pencil and an iron.

  2. Prepare the foil

    Cut three sheets of aluminum foil that are each 18 inches long. Lay the three sheets on top of one another, and align the edges. At each corner, cut a diagonal line at a 45-degree angle.

  3. Create the hull

    Position a pencil at the top of one edge of the foil. Then roll the foil and the pencil three full rotations. Remove the pencil, and repeat these steps on the other three sides of the foil.

  4. Iron the foil

    Place the iron in the center of the foil. Bend up the sides of the foil, and wrap them around the iron, leaving enough room to remove the iron.

  5. Tape the seams

    Carefully remove the iron from the foil boat, and tape both sides of the corners with duct tape.