Make a bird cage cover by sewing material into a simple pattern and using metal clasps to fasten it closed. This project takes only a couple of hours. You need fabric, a needle and thread, scissors, frog clasps or closures, and a tape measure.

  1. Take measurements

    Start by measuring the bird cage. Measure the height and width of the cage. Measure from the top center of the cage diagonally to the front corner of the cage on one side and to the back corner of the cage on the same side. Repeat this process for the front of the cage.

  2. Mark the fabric

    Mark the fabric so that you have four panels. Cut the panels in shapes that look like a triangle set on top of a square. The length of the panel is the height of the cage, and the width of the panel is the width of one side of the cage. The triangle is the measurement of the top center of the cage to each corner. When marking the fabric, add 1 inch to the bottom of the panels, and add 1/2 inch to the sides of the panels.

  3. Cut out the panels

    Cut out the front panel, and cut it in half. This is the cage's opening. Cut out the other three panels.

  4. Sew the panels together

    Sew the panels together. Start with one half of the front panel, sew on the side panel, attach the back panel, add the other side panel and finish with the other half of the front panel.

  5. Attach the clasps

    Attach the clasps to the front panels.