Most of the Necromorphs in "Dead Space" can be killed by dismemberment — chopping them to pieces until they are dead. Some Necromorphs who regenerate quickly must be destroyed all at once, which can be accomplished by burning them using a shuttle's engine, for example.

  1. Identify the type of Necromorph you are facing

    Different Necromorphs have different vulnerabilities and strengths. While dismemberment generally kills them, the means of dismemberment varies for each type. Some die after you sever enough limbs, while for others, chopping off a particular body part is sufficient to cause death. For other Necromorphs, hitting a certain part of the body may cause them to become even more dangerous. To be safe, begin by dismembering the arms and legs to keep the Necromorph from getting close to you.

  2. Keep a safe distance

    While you are still trying to figure out how to kill a Necromorph, it's best to keep your distance to avoid sustaining injury. Certain Necromorphs, such as the Exploders, can cause damage when you hit them, so use long-range weapons.

  3. Look out for glowing spots

    Some Necromorphs, such as the Exploders and Nests, have yellow glowing spots indicating their vulnerabilities. Focus on these spots to destroy the Necromorph.