Using crushed aspirin in the water that flowers are kept in can help to keep them from wilting. Other things that can be added to water to prevent flowers from wilting include vodka, copper pennies, bleach and sugar.

A single tablet of aspirin mimics the effects of the flower food that is typically included with the flowers. Simply crush the aspirin tablet well, and dissolve it in water before adding it to the flowers existing water. To help the flowers absorb the mixture better, trim a small amount from the stems each day.

Vodka has been found to inhibit the production of ethylene in plants, which helps to slow down the process of wilting. Add a few drops of vodka to a vase of water along with one teaspoon of sugar. To use copper pennies, place them on the bottom of a vase with a teaspoon of sugar. Copper acts as a natural antibacterial agent that slows down a flower's wilting process.

Bleach can be used to stop wilting and prevent mold from growing on flowers by adding one-fourth teaspoon of bleach for every quart of water used. Sugar can be added to any of these water treatments to provide extra nourishment to the flowers, which helps buds to open and keep the flowers blooming longer.