As of November 2014 you can play with other Minecraft aficionados on the official Minecraft Realms server for PC. This type of service is not intended for hundreds of people to play on simultaneously, but rather for a group of 10 friends to play at once.

  1. Create a Mojang account

    Go to the Minecraft Realms website and click on Get Realms in the center of the page. Create a Mojang account with an email and password, and then login to the Mojang website.

  2. Choose your subscription

    After you log in, Mojang prompts you to select a type of Minecraft Realms subscription. As of November 2014, choose a monthly charge that renews automatically for $10.40, which is 20 percent less than the normal $13 charge per month, or select a one-time charge of $13 for one month, $35 for three months, or $62 for six months. You can cancel your subscriptions at any time. Pay with a credit card, debit card or PayPal account.

  3. Play Minecraft Realms

    Enter Minecraft Realms when you click on Minecraft Realms on the opening menu of the most recent version of Minecraft on your computer. You can invite up to 20 people to play on your Minecraft Realms server, but only 10 people can play at once.