Get Riot Points for free by levelling up your summoner on "League of Legends" and obeying the rules of the game. On occasion, Riot Games may issue free points to compensate for server issues.

Be wary of websites that promise free Riot Point codes. Such websites are scams and try to steal your personal information or credit card details. Scam websites often put fake certificates, comments from supposedly satisfied users and official Riot Games images to deceive players. They may even display screenshots and videos showing that the codes are real.

Scam Riot Points websites often ask you to share their websites and like their social media pages to reveal the codes. Even if you do, the website still does not reveal a code and may ask you to complete a survey instead. Finally, the website asks for personal information or credit card details to send you the code. These pages may have sales contracts in very small letters. As such, providing information may cause you to purchase a service that charges you every month.

Even if you provide all the asked information, you do not receive any codes. Riot Games sells the codes for real money. Buy legitimate Riot Points online or from retailers such as Walmart, Gamestop and Best Buy.