To finger-knit a scarf, hold yarn between the thumb and index finger and wrap it around all the four fingers. Let the yarn run across the four fingers, and push the yarn loops over this yarn on each finger. Repeat the process until the scarf attains the required length.

When finger-knitting a scarf, use super-bulky or bulky yarn labeled as 5 or 6 according to the standard yarn weight labeling system of the Craft Yarn Council. Alternatively, work with worsted-weight yarn using two strands at a time.

To start finger-knitting, grasp the end of the yarn between the thumb and the index finger of the left hand. Then, wrap the yarn around the index finger starting from and finishing at the back of the finger. Loop the yarn in a similar manner around the other three fingers. The yarn should now hang down from the small finger.

Drape this yarn across the four fingers and let its loose end hang between the index finger and the thumb. Lift the yarn loop on each finger over the draped yarn and off it. This forms the first finger-knitted row behind the hand. To make more rows, drape the loose yarn again across the four fingers and lift the loops over it as before.

Once the scarf reaches the required length, leave a yarn tail of 6 inches, and cut. Slip the loops off the fingers, run the yarn tail through them, and knot its end. has illustrated directions on how to knit using your fingers. These instructions are laid out in four easy steps and are accompanied by a list of materials needed to complete the finger knitting project.