Examples of adult scavenger hunt clues can be found online; there are many websites like Scavenger Hunt that provide adult scavenger hunt ideas. Examples and clues for adult scavenger hunts based on themes or free applications are also available at the Google Play store. Applications can create virtual scavenger hunts or real-time scavenger hunts.

In order to find examples of scavenger hunt clues for adults, first determine the type of scavenger hunt desired. Decide on a theme such as a holiday, an event or an office team-building activity; the location, such as the workplace, a point of interest or online; and the teams: couples, groups or individuals.

Once the theme, location and teams are established, find examples of scavenger hunt clues online or install the application on a phone or tablet. An office team-building scavenger hunt might include office supplies on the scavenger hunt list. The Scavenger Hunt website offers examples based on category. From the homepage, click on Office or type Office in the search box. Examples of a clue for a stapler is "Fill me up with metal and let me do my thing. Give me some sheets of paper, I'll have them attaching."

Scavenger hunt clues available online can be printed and used or provide new ideas to help in creating an original game.