Determine the price for selling a used Martin guitar by consulting online price guides to locate the current price for your model and year, taking into account its condition and any available components. Alternately, check online auction sites for current and past listings to see actual sale prices.

One of the biggest factors that contributes to the sale price of a used Martin guitar is its model and year, as older guitars often sell for a higher price if they qualify as vintage. Also, some older models of Martin guitars used techniques or materials that are no longer available, such as certain types of wood, which also increase the price due to their rarity. Sites such as and allow you to enter the year and model of your guitar to view current suggestions for sale price. You should also check the Martin website to ensure that you do not price your guitar too high compared to newer models in the same line.

You also need to consider any damage to the guitar, such as cracks in the body, chips in the neck or missing tuning heads, as these significantly decrease the resale value, regardless of the model. One way to determine the appropriate price of a damaged Martin guitar is to view the historical sales information on This allows you to see what buyers actually paid for your model of guitar in various conditions.