All types of leather darken over time with age. For immediate darkening of leather, a mineral- or petroleum-based oil may be used. Materials needed include rags, leather cleaner and leather oil.

  1. Wipe off the leather

    Take a clean rag and wipe the leather to remove any visible dust or dirt. This allows for the leather cleaner to achieve a deeper clean, as it has less material to remove on top of the leather.

  2. Clean the leather

    Dampen a rag with the leather cleaner of your choice, and gently rub the cleaner onto the leather in a circular motion. Continue this process until all of the leather has been cleaned. Allow the leather to dry after being cleaned to encourage better absorption of the oil.

  3. Oil the leather

    Pour oil onto a clean rag, and carefully rub the oil onto the leather, starting on a small patch of leather that is more hidden to the eye. Allow this area to dry before proceeding in order to observe how the leather reacts to the oil. When you are satisfied with the leather's change in color, continue applying oil to the rest of the leather.

  4. Dry the leather

    After the leather has been completely oiled, allow for the leather oil to settle and dry, thus showing the true change the oil has made. Continue the process of oiling and allowing the leather to dry until you have achieved the desired results.