Several online resources, such as those at and, are available for users to take advantage of to make photo books online. These sites allow users to upload personal photographs and create photo books.

Shutterfly offers two ways, the custom path and the simple path, to make photo books. Following the custom path, users create the book in a totally customized way. They can create, resize and move pictures and text anywhere on the page, and they can place up 25 pictures on a page. The site provides a vast collection of backgrounds, layouts and embellishments as well as seven book sizes.

For the simple path, users let the website create the book. It arranges the pictures, and the user then rearranges and adds captions. There are more than 20 styles with preset backgrounds and layouts, and they can place one to four pictures on each page in one of the five available sizes.

Mixbook offers a wide variety of themes for photo books. Its categories include everyday photo books, family photo books, kids photo books, seasonal photo books and wedding photo books. Mixbook provides users with simple to work with designs and professionally designed templates. Users can also edit the book as desired to personalize it.