Old porcelain dolls can be cleaned by washing their bodies and hair with soap and water. Mild household cleaners can also be used to remove stains. Washable clothing can be hand washed in plain water or with a mild detergent. Unwashable clothing can be dusted with a soft brush or with light vacuuming.

When washing, the sink should be lined with a dishpan or thick towel to avoid damage to the doll. Using a damp cloth to rub a small amount of toothpaste into a doll's face can remove some marks.

Coffee, tea or cigarette burns on porcelain can be diminished by polishing the spot with a damp cloth dipped in baking soda.

To clean brass buttons on doll clothes or shoes, equal parts of salt and flour can be mixed with a little vinegar to make a paste. The paste can be spread in a thick layer on the brass and then rinsed and wiped off when it is dry. Light scorch stains on linen doll clothes can sometimes be eliminated by rubbing the cut side of an onion over the stain, then soaking the material in cold water. Some stains from ballpoint pens can be removed by sponging the area with milk until the blemish disappears.