In the game DragonCity, a Poo Dragon can be bred by combining the terra, sea and dark elements. Breeding the Jelly Dragon and Dark Dragon together has the highest chance of success at 12.2 percent, provided both dragons are greater than or equal to level 14.

The Poo Dragon is available to breed at level 7. It costs 1,000 gems to purchase, though originally it was offered at 50 gems. It is also available through the Recruitment Tavern. The breeding time is 15 hours, and it takes another 15 hours to hatch. It yields 200,000 experience points and can be sold for 10,000 gold. It can be kept in either the terra, sea or dark habitats.

The Poo Dragon has four basic attacks that are available as it levels up: Flying Kick, Earthquake, Tsunami and Leech. It is also able to train and learn another four attacks.

DragonCity describes the Poo Dragon as being slightly disgusting but known to bring good luck. It was the first dragon in the game that could contain three elements, originally classified as a Rare Hybrid. However, the Poo Dragon has been re-classified as an Exclusive Dragon. It is one of the weakest Exclusive Dragons in DragonCity.