To breed Pokémon, the player needs to drop off two compatible Pokémon at the Day Care Center. After leaving the Pokémon alone in the center, they eventually produce an egg.

  1. Find the Day Care Center

    Day Care Centers are located in Mauvillle City, Solaceon Town, Route 34 in Heart Gold and Soul Silver, Route 3 in Black and White, and Route 7 in Pokémon X and Y. Pokémon cannot be bred in Generation I games.

  2. Deposit two compatible Pokémon

    To breed, a male and female Pokémon need to be dropped off. They need to share the same egg group. Pokémon that have no gender or are from a one-gender species need to be dropped off with a Ditto. In addition, Ditto can act as a substitute for any male or female Pokémon.

  3. Leave the Day Care Center

    Leave the Day Care Center and walk around outside. The amount of time it takes to produce an egg is based on the number of steps the player takes. Egg production rates are different for every Pokémon species.

  4. Pick Up the Egg

    Check with the Day Care Center to see if an egg is ready. Players need one free slot in their party in order to pick up an egg.

  5. Hatch the Egg

    Eggs are hatched as the player walks around. Once hatched, the baby is the same species as the mother, and it inherits the moves of the father, unless a Ditto was used.