A complete walkthrough of "The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim" is available at IGN. Because Skyrim is an open world game where the player is not forced to follow a linear story line, the walkthrough does not guide the player from the beginning to the end of the game. Instead, it is a guide with detailed walkthroughs for each quest.

The guide also offers detailed information about the Elder Scrolls universe, the cities and characters in the game, the role playing mechanisms, available downloadable content and more. Players can navigate through the guide by using the categories set by IGN. The guide applies to both the PC and the console versions of the game.

The main story consists of two quest lines that advance simultaneously. The player saves the world of Cyrodiil in the first quest line and resolves the civil war that is taking place in Skyrim in the second. The guide by IGN considers the civil war component of the main story as a side quest for the purposes of categorization. Likewise, the guide classifies the quest lines of the Dark Brotherhood, the Thieves' Guild, the Companions and various other organizations in the game as side quests.

"The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim" is an open world action role playing game that puts the player in a virtual world. The game has multiple story lines, and the player is free to ignore any or all of them. The game was released in November 2011.