Nitrous is used in Drag Racer V3 to make an Acura TSX reach 220 miles per hour during a race and finish at 95 miles per hour. Several steps must be performed to use the nitrous.

First, the player needs to get an Acura TSX and either win 35 races or, when the player unlocks the engines, 30 races. Next, the player should purchase the second six-cylinder 15V. The purchase price is $5,104. Purchase nitrous, then purchase the engine. Next, make money, and then purchase all of the upgrades, but do not purchase the nitrous on impulse. Setup the tuning. Place the I on the seventh dot for Gears one, two, three and five. For Gear four, place the I on the sixth dot. Place the I on the eighth dot for Gear six. For Boost and Cam, place the I on the tenth dot. For Air Intake, place the I on the 9th dot. Next, go to trial, and then start accelerating. While accelerating, tap the nitrous the whole time, but not when shifting. If these instructions are followed, the player reaches 220 mph and finishes at 95 mph.