Save rose petals by picking them, rinsing with warm water, blotting them dry, placing them in a zipper bag and storing them in the refrigerator. Using this method, you can keep rose petals fresh for over a week.

  1. Pick the petals off the rose

    When the roses are in full bloom, grab the stem with one hand and pick the petals off the rose with the other. Pick them in the morning, when they are full of moisture from the morning dew.

  2. Remove white tips

    Take the rose petals inside and remove their white tips.

  3. Rinse the petals

    Run the water in your sink until it becomes slightly warm to the touch, then place the rose petals in a colander and rinse them off. This removes any residual insects and pesticides.

  4. Blot the petals dry

    Place a few layers of paper towels on the counter and empty the petals onto them. Using additional paper towels, gently blot the petals to remove excess water.

  5. Place the rose petals in a zipper bag

    Wrap the rose petals in a damp paper towel and place them in a plastic zipper storage bag. Store the bag in the refrigerator. Use the petals as needed for projects or decorating over the course of the next week.