The "Star Wars: Clones Wars Adventure" game is no longer available. Sony Online Entertainment, the publisher of the game, ceased support of the game. It officially shut down in March 2014.

"Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures" was an online multi-player role-playing game based on the animated "Clone Wars" television series. Debuting in 2010, the game featured three classes, multiple mini-games, and major "Star Wars" characters. The target audience was children and young teens.

Publisher Sony Entertainment Online announced the closure of four MMOs in 2014, one of which was the Clone Wars Adventures. Senior director of global communications Michele Cagle stated that the publisher decided to sunset the game was made to refocus company resources and that the decision was in the best interest of the player community.

According to the publisher, the game was at a stage in its cycle where players are growing up and moving on. Sony and LucasArts mutually agreed to sunset the game on March 31, 2014. LucasArts is the licensor of the video game.

As a final courtesy to fans of the game, Sony offered most items in the Clone Wars Adventures Marketplace for 1 SC each for players to enjoy over the last couple of weeks.