The Welsh dragon is a red creature that appears on the national flag of Wales. One of the many ways to craft a Welsh dragon is to use a wooden spoon, red craft foam and a red jumbo pipe cleaner. The project takes approximately two hours to complete and also requires red glitter, PVC glue, red craft paint, wiggle eyes, a permanent marker and craft foam in yellow and orange.

  1. Paint the spoon

    Use red craft paint to paint the entire wooden spoon. Allow it to dry for at least one hour.

  2. Create the wings

    Fold the red craft foam in half, and draw a 6-inch check mark from the fold. Draw scalloped edges from the end of the check back to the fold. Cut the wings out. Use red glitter to decorate the entire length of the wings.

  3. Fashion the lower jaw

    Trace around the bowl of the spoon onto the craft foam. Cut this shape out. Using PVA glue, attach the lower quarter of the foam to the base of the wooden spoon, leaving a mouth shape at the top of the spoon.

  4. Create the face

    Glue two wiggle eyes to the top of the wooden spoon. Use a black permanent marker to draw the dragon's nostrils.

  5. Fashion the tail

    Wrap a red jumbo pipe cleaner around the end of the wooden spoon to create a spiral. Cut a triangle out of the craft foam, and glue it to one end of the tail.

  6. Make the flames

    Draw a large fan with jagged edges on the yellow foam, a smaller fan on the orange foam and the smallest fan on the red foam. Cut these shapes out. Glue the red on top of the orange and the orange on top of the yellow to resemble flames.

  7. Assemble the dragon

    Apply PVC glue to the fold between the wings. Wrap it around the spoon just behind the neck. Use a clamp to keep the wings in place until the glue dries. Apply glue to the base of the tail, and glue it to the end of the spoon. Glue the flames in the dragon's mouth.