An Xbox 360 that is failing to read a disc could be experiencing a number of problems. Follow this sequence of troubleshooting steps to rule out the relatively simple options that you can fix yourself. If none of these steps work, the console should be brought to a repair shop or returned to Microsoft.

  1. Test your discs

    Try running multiple discs of different types, such as games, DVDs and CDs, to see if the problem is limited to certain discs or if the console is not running any discs at all. If only one or two discs are not running, they should be cleaned with a soft damp cloth. If they have significant scratching, they may either need to be resurfaced or may just be damaged beyond use. Also ensure that the disc has the appropriate region code for your system.

  2. Remove memory units or flash drives

    Defective memory units can sometimes interfere with the ability of the console to play discs. Try removing any that are plugged in and rebooting the system to see if discs will play.

  3. Return the console for service

    If the above steps fail, Microsoft recommends returning the console for service. You can request service through the Xbox website. If the console is no longer under warranty, you may want to also get an estimate from local game shops.