After unlocking all of the costumes in Marvel?s ?Super Hero Squad,? a player can switch costumes in the Battle Only screen. Drag the character to the slot labeled with that character's name. The numbers in parentheses following the name indicate the costumes. After selecting a costume, press ?Z? or ?C.? Character costume changes are only available for those with alternate costumes.

In ?Super Hero Squad," some characters have two or three costumes. Wolverine and Silver Surfer are among the characters with three different selections available. Mole Man, Sabretooth, Thing, Storm and Nightcrawler do not have additional costumes available. In Battle mode in the game, characters are engaged in a free-for-all fight that pits the player's selected character against multiple characters. The last player standing at the end of Battle mode is the winner.

The game is playable on multiple platforms including PlayStation 2 and Nintendo DS. Spider-Man and Captain America are the only characters who also have costumes that are exclusive to games purchased through Walmart. "Super Hero Squad" is the first game created in an agreement between Marvel Comics and THQ Inc. Following its release, two more follow-ups were created with updated software for newer consoles such as the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.