A kid's bathrobe can be made from towels using a sewing machine. Bath sheets are really good for this project because they are much larger than regular bath towels. Have the child nearby for fittings, or else measure from the neckline to top of the head for the hood. Have a shirt or dress of theirs as well. Lay the towel on a table, and then fold in half twice.

Lay the shirt or dress on top so that the center of the collar matches with the folded corner of the towel. Extend the sleeve of the garment out toward the open end of the towel. Using scissors, cut around the shirt or dress, leaving approximately six inches around the edge. Open the towel, and cut up the middle of the front piece of fabric.

The hood can now be made using two pieces of the fabric that you have cut off from the towel. Fit the hood to the child or adjust using the measurements you took in the beginning.

Fold the fabric in half again, and cut a diagonal line at the folded corner that is the width of the hood divided by four. Pin your pieces in place, and then sew with a zig-zag stitch on a sewing machine. At this point, add any trim or embellishments to the robe for a finished look.