Players are able to create mods for the game "Minecraft" by following the official application program interfaces and writing custom code using the Java programming language. Alternately, players are able to use third-party programs such as McModGen and MCreator to make mods without any knowledge of computer programming.

A "Minecraft" mod, derived from the term modification, is a set of computer code added to the base game that adds new functionality and assets to all players using the game on that server. For example, some mods include new controls to the standard game play options while others introduce special customized visuals and textures. It's up to the person creating the mod to determine its actual functionality. Most traditional mods involve using the Java language to write custom commands following the official "Minecraft" APIs, which are the different back-end commands that cause the game to function the way it does.

If a player does not have the necessary programming knowledge to create a mod using Java, she has the option to use a third party tool to create the mod. These tools typically include a visual interface that enables the user to create customizations rather than requiring her to write the specific code. Players should exercise caution with these programs, as they allow for less overall control than pure coding and may not always work.