A clay cuneiform tablet can be made by placing symbols from a cuneiform chart into a flat piece of clay. This can be done using air dry clay and a Popsicle stick.

A lump of clay that is roughly the size of a golf ball should be used to make the cuneiform tablet. This clay can be any color and should be able to be air dried. The ball should be rounded and then flattened to from a rough tablet shape. It should be around 2 centimeters in thickness. It can be pressed into a flat surface to create a smooth top for writing.

The end of the Popsicle stick should be cut to create a flat edge. This will make writing easier and will give it a more realistic appearance. A cuneiform chart can be used to create the symbols on the clay that are meant to tell a story or inform other readers. A chart can also be made with unique symbols. For a fun activity, the clay tablet and the chart can be given to a reader. The reader should be asked to figure out the message in the tablet using the chart that is given to them.