Quilt templates can be made out of different materials by cutting out pattern pieces from a magazine or a book on a cardboard box that can then make a template. These templates are used to help cut fabric into the perfect pieces for quilt making.

Making a cardboard quilt template requires a few supplies including the desired pattern (often found in a book, magazine, or printable from a website), cardboard, a marker and a small scissors.The pattern should either be photocopied or printed so that its outline can be cut along with the cardboard. Cardboard can come from a box of cereal, rice a shipping carton or other home item.

If cardboard boxes will be used for the templates, the boxes must first be taken apart at the seams and laid flat. Next, pattern pieces are cut from the source and placed onto the appropriate size pieces of cardboard. The pattern shapes are then traced onto the cardboard from the cut template piece of paper and labeled. Once labeled, the cardboard shapes may be cut out.

Some people prefer to make their quilt templates out of plastic. For plastic quilt templates, the same steps apply. However, plastic isn't usually readily available in a household and must therefore be purchased from a quilting shop or craft store, which makes it less cost effective than a cardboard quilt template set.