Filing for bankruptcy online involves obtaining advice on the filing decision, gathering the necessary information needed for filing bankruptcy, opening an account with the Public Access to Courts Electronic Records system, accessing the account to complete bankruptcy filing forms and checking the account frequently for a court hearing date, according to M. Scilly for the Houston Chronicle. Although it is possible to complete the process yourself, hiring an attorney may help to prevent possible mistakes.

One way to get advice on filing for bankruptcy is to seek an opinion of a lawyer with expertise in bankruptcy, notes Scilly. The lawyer's advice helps you to know if filing for bankruptcy suits your financial situation, or if there are other better solutions. The necessary information needed to file the case include asset ownership documents and liability documents. While assets include cash in the bank and real estate, liabilities include any loans you have to pay.

Opening an account with the Public Access to Courts Electronic Records, or PACER, system involves visiting the PACER website and following the account registration steps, states Scilly. After the registration, check your email in approximately seven days for log-in details. Using the details, log into your account, and locate and select "e-file" to access various bankruptcy courts. Choose a court within your residence, and click on the court's website link. Follow the instructions on the website to complete the filing forms, and attach necessary documents to the application before submission.