You can become a babysitter by marketing yourself as a capable, inviting candidate for providing the service. With some training and planning, you can do this in a few weeks.

  1. Get the required training

    Take a babysitting training course. Check with your local hospital or community center for available training. Talk to experienced babysitters to find out how they got started.

  2. Become CPR and first aid certified

    Contact your local hospital or American Red Cross office to find out where you can obtain these CPR and first aid certifications.

  3. Decide where you will work

    Pick a location that is safe for children, if you are babysitting at your own home or nursery. Place safety locks in every open closet in the babysitting area. Comply with fire, building and health departments regulations.

  4. Obtain child care licensing

    Go to your city or county website to inquire about licenses, and apply for them if required. Provide required documents and receive your license.

  5. Prepare your home for an inspection

    Get your home ready for inspection by a family worker. Make sure that your home is fit for children. Check with your state for more information.

  6. Determine your pay rate

    Decide whether you will charge an hourly rate or by the job. Find out what hourly rates babysitters in your area normally charge.