People adopt children because of infertility while some simply want to offer a home to a child who needs shelter, love and care. Contrary to common perceptions, both married and unmarried couples can adopt children.

The desire to form a family is what inspires many people to adopt kids. Infertility stands as one of the main reasons people consider adopting children. Women and men both can suffer the effects of infertility. Males might have problems with producing sperm whereas females might have infertile eggs.

There are some medical problems which might not allow someone to carry a child through pregnancy safely. If someone is in such a position and they want to have a baby, adoption would be a viable option.

In recent times, even people who are single have also been adopting children. These people would like to bring up a family and feel like they are not alone in the home. They understand that the presence of kids can bring life to a home.

A gay or lesbian couple could also adopt a child in order to enjoy the feeling of being parents. Since they are of the same sex, and they are in a relationship, they cannot conceive, and therefore adoption stands out as the best option.

Some simply love adoption, and they prefer it to even expand their families. It also comes with the element of helping homeless kids who cannot get parental love.