Research has shown that men and women differ in a variety of ways primarily due to the differences of how they utilize their brains. According to an anthropology article from the Columbia University website, men are more proficient than women at hand-eye coordination because of their aptitude in spatial coordination.

Columbia goes into vast detail on the differences between gender-specific abilities as a result of their varying brains. The average man, for example, tends to use only one side of his brain, specifically the left hemisphere for purposes of verbal reasoning. On the other hand, women actively use both sides of their brains for visual, verbal and especially emotional responses. Utilizing both cerebral areas of the brain, women are more competent at sensing emotional messages in conversations, gestures and facial expressions, thus entitling women as the more sensitive sex. Men, however, are adept in spatial coordination, which gives them the ability to have a better sense of direction, more exact control of large muscle movement and better hand-eye coordination.