A reliable and accurate way to find replacement parts for Graco brand baby and child products is to visit the company website at Gracobaby. Graco has a search function on its site that allows consumers to search for exactly the correct replacement part by model number and the date of manufacture.

The company website also has an online guide on how to locate this information on the various products it manufactures.

A potentially less expensive way to find replacement parts is to look at online auction sites, such as eBay, or online retailers. This comes with the risk that the part received may not be the one that is needed.

Another option is to visit a retail store that has a physical storefront. These businesses may be able to order from Graco's catalog for you. Some retail businesses, such as Babies R Us, offer both a physical location and a website, offering several alternative ways to purchase replacement Graco parts.

Be especially wary of online businesses selling replacement parts at incredible discounts. This runs the risk of ending up with knockoff products posing as genuine parts. Such parts may be cheaply made, not fit properly or potentially harm your child.