The "Who Knows Mommy?" baby shower game highlights some details of the mommy's life; the player who gets the most answers on a trivia sheet about the mom wins the game. The game can be played in teams for larger groups or can be played by individuals.

To begin the game, sheets should be printed off with questions about the mom who is having the baby shower. Questions can include the mom's favorite color, what kind of car she drives, what her favorite food is, what her full name is and what her first celebrity crush was. The facilitator of the baby shower can check with the mom of the shower to find any additional questions that she might want guests to answer. A sheet should be given to every guest or team and a sheet should be given to the mom. Throughout the party or during a specified time of the party, guests and the mom should write down the answers to the questions. Guests should put their names at the top. The facilitator will then collect the mom's sheet which will be the answer key for the questions. Guests can check their answers with the answers the mom wrote down. The guest with the most correct answers wins the game. The game can also be modified to "Who Knows Daddy?" for coed baby showers.