Typical teen hobbies include sports, technological pursuits, creative activities and social activities. Hobbies are healthy activities for teens to pursue because they help teens establish their own identities, find a group with which to connect and develop confidence. When teens have hobbies that interest them, they are less likely to become bored and get into trouble.

Many teens participate in sports either at school, in official teams or clubs, or just for fun. Involvement in sports builds confidence and helps teens remain healthy. Teens who do not enjoy competition can still participate in sports for fun.

Many teens use technology to stay connected with their social groups. They typically spend a fair amount of time texting and engaging in social networking online as well as playing video games and watching TV or other onscreen entertainment. Although parents are sometimes concerned about the time technology-based hobbies take from schoolwork or family time, these hobbies can help prepare teenagers for life and careers in an increasingly technology-dependent world.

About one-quarter of American teens participate in art, dance, drama or music-related activities. These activities let teens express themselves creatively and emotionally and give them ties to their community.

Teens also report spending time engaging in social activities, including parties, organized social events and just hanging out. Social time allows teens to develop meaningful relationships and is not a waste of time if it does not supplant family time or time needed for schoolwork.