Some DIY projects for teens are making thumb tack word art and making Sharpie mugs. Another project teens can do is to make a customized phone case. Tie-dying t-shirts, embellishing tennis shoes and decorating phone cases are also crafts that many teens enjoy.

To make thumb tack word art, start with a piece of foam board that is at least 1/4 inch thick. Print out a word in your desired size and font. Letters that are at least 3 inches tall work best. Tape the printout to the foam board and, using a utility knife, very carefully trace the letters. Make sure to cut all the way through the foam board. Then, press thumb tacks into the letters to decorate them. For a uniform look, start the rows of thumbtacks from the outside and work your way toward the center of the letters.

To make Sharpie mugs, use Sharpie markers to create designs on white oven-safe mugs, then bake the mugs at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for approximately one hour.

To make a one-of-a-kind jeweled phone case, start with a case that is either clear or one solid color. Gather some rhinestones or other costume jewelry. Disassemble old, unused jewelry for the stones, or purchase faux gems at a craft store. Use jewelry glue to affix the stones to the back a phone case. Allow the glued stones to dry before using the case.

Teens can make a lightsaber that actually illuminates out of PVC pipe, a small motor and a battery pack. It is easy to make a giant Jenga game by sawing wooden boards to uniform sizes. Legos make a novel pencil holder or desk organizer. Teens can recycle an old baseball by carefully cutting out a piece of leather and making it into a bracelet.

Teens with a green thumb can build a small terrarium, or they can fashion corks into tiny planters. Kids with electronic skills may want to build a drone or a homemade scooter. Fashion conscious teens enjoy creating differed types of finger nail art. There are also many ways to make coasters, from painting them with chalkboard paint to covering them with a teen's original photographs.

Young people often enjoy making clothing items and food. Sprinkle bleach on a dark blue or black t-shirt to make a "galaxy" motif. Flower crowns, headbands and friendship bracelets are other simple projects. Kids learn about cooking by making DIY versions of their favorite snack foods, like guacamole or candy.