When answering a job post online, a babysitter can maintain her safety by not divulging too much of her own personal information upfront, communicating extensively with the client online and arranging an initial meeting in a public place. In addition, before visiting the prospective client's house, the babysitter should inform a friend or family member of her whereabouts and keep in touch through the duration of the appointment.

Although online classified ads can be a valuable source of employment opportunities, their anonymity can expose the user to threats such as fraud, robbery and assault. A babysitter searching for employment online should not share personal information such as her last name, address or telephone number unless she feels comfortable with a possible client. When communicating online with a prospective client, potential warning signs to watch for include inconsistencies in the client's story and unreasonable pressure from the client to meet in person.

If the babysitter feels secure enough to meet the prospective client, she should suggest a public place such as a coffee shop. If possible, the client should include his family in the initial meeting. The babysitter can bring a friend to the meeting or inform that friend where she'll be and check in regularly. If the babysitter decides to take the job, she should share the client's address and contact information with a trusted friend and keep in touch while she's working.