There is nothing intrinsically negative about being adopted. While there can be negative feelings associated with being an adopted child or negative events that may have led to a child being placed with an adoptive family, the fact that a child has been adopted is not bad.

Adoptions happen for many reasons, and approximately 250,000 adoptions have taken place in the last 14 years in the United States. Some families choose to adopt due to being unable to conceive a child on their own, but most do so out of a desire to provide a permanent home to a child in need. Likewise, as many as 88 percent of children who are adopted exhibit overall positive social behaviors. Fortunately, approximately 51 percent of children who enter foster care are eventually able to return to their parent or primary caregiver. Of the remainder of those children in foster care, as many as 21 percent are adopted. The good news is that most adopted children end up leading healthy and normal lives, and while their worldview is definitely impacted by the knowledge that they were adopted, it is not necessarily a negative impact. Sadly, some children are never adopted and may end up aging out of the foster system, which can have negative repercussions later in their adult lives.