An average 16-year-old boy weighs 130-150 pounds, while an average 16-year-old girl weighs 115-120 pounds, notes Disabled World. The complete range for the average teenager’s weight is 95 pounds at the third percentile to 185 pounds at the 97th percentile for girls and 103 to 195 pounds for boys.

An individual’s relative weight is dependent on his height and body mass. The table of average height and weight of children and adults only lists estimate measurements, explains Disabled World. Kids and teenagers experience growth spurts, and they usually gain and lose weight rapidly and irregularly. The average weight per age can be used as reference along with body mass index calculations to monitor a child’s development.

Wikipedia states that average weight differs by location. For example, the populations of less economically stable countries such as Lesotho and Bolivia usually have lower average weights than more economically powerful nations like the United States and England. Accordingly, North America has the highest average weight of any continent at 80.7 kilograms. The second highest weight average for continents is Oceania, at 74.1 kilograms. The continent with the lowest average weight is Asia at 57.7 kilograms. Also, less than one quarter of Asian people is considered overweight, compared to North America where almost three fourths of the population are considered to be overweight.