Approximately eight out of 10 teen fathers don't stick around for their child. These fathers only pay an average of $800 a year in child support and many never see their kids at all.

Most babies born to teen moms and dads grow up never knowing their fathers. Babies raised by single teen moms are roughly five times more likely to be poor than those who live in two-parent homes and sons raised by only a teen mom are twice as likely to end up in prison sometime in their lives. Little girls born to teenage mothers are three times more likely to be teenage mothers themselves and two-thirds of all families started by teenage parents are poor.

Many teenage girls feel as if getting pregnant is the way to keep a guy around, and may help to make their relationship with the father stronger. However, this is rarely the case and a pregnancy often scares the boy away.

Today, around three in 10 teenage girls end up pregnant before they turn 20. This equals to around 700,000 girls each year. Most of the fathers of these children are too scared or poor to help support the babies, so they run, leaving the girl to raise the baby by herself.