Remote support helps customers by providing fast resolution to a computer problem without driving to a repair store or waiting for a long time to get the problem fixed. Companies offering remote support save time and gas money, offer more flexible hours and satisfy customers with fast turnaround times.

Remote support allows an IT professional to access a customer's computer remotely with a secure connection. This allows an expert to fix the problem instead of walking the customer through the process. IT is often faster and easier for the IT expert to do the fix himself, rather than explain it to a customer.

The remote support means the IT staff stays in one location and helps multiple clients quickly. It eliminates driving time between appointments. Staff may even have the option to work from home, which saves the company money on workspace.

The customer doesn't have to let an IT tech into the home or place of business. He accesses the support when it is convenient for his schedule instead of waiting around for a tech to show up. It can also save the customer a trip to a computer repair store, where he may have to wait or leave the computer for repairs. The customer gets a quick resolution to the issue with remote support.