Family DNA testing requires swabbing the inside of the cheek, containing the sample in a test tube and mailing it to Family DNA for DNA testing. Testing kits can be ordered from the Family Tree DNA website, as well as at genealogy events and conferences.

Once in possession of a Family Tree DNA testing kit:

  1. Open the plastic bag
  2. Check that the number on the tubes inside the kit corresponds to the number on the release form and the plastic bag. With clean hands, open the plastic bag containing the scraper, and be careful not to damage or contaminate it.

  3. Use one kit per person
  4. Kits contain two swabs and collection tubes to ensure accuracy. Both tubes should be used by the same person.

  5. Swab inside the cheek
  6. First thing in the morning, swab the inside of one cheek forcefully for about 60 seconds. The sensation should be like brushing hard with a toothbrush.

  7. Contain the sample
  8. Take one of the specimen tubes and unscrew the top. Push down on the plunger at the top of the scraper applicator to eject the scraper into the tube without forcing it to the bottom. Remove the applicator handle and twist the top back onto the tube.

  9. Repeat sampling
  10. Repeat the sampling with the second scraper. Enclose it in the second tube using the steps above.

  11. Send the samples
  12. Place the tubes inside the plastic bag and seal it. Place the bag and release form in the accompanying self-addressed envelope and mail it to Family Tree DNA.