Allow teens to be independent and make their own choices, so they can learn and grow, advises Modern Mom. Teen boys should be encouraged to express their emotions rather than burying them. Choose your battles when necessary, and avoid constant nagging about small issues.

Arguments about trivial matters may cause teen boys to ignore important lessons, according to Modern Mom. Make inquiries and discuss what is going on in your sons' lives on a daily basis. Modern Mom suggests conversations over dinner and in the car as good times to connect. Frame a question in such a way that warrants an answer that is more than one word. Teen boys are more likely to answer a question with a single word. Share common interests and spend quality time with your sons for closer bonding. Global Post recommends having discussions about serious issues, such as safe sex and pregnancy, and they should be asked what they already know about these subjects. Teenage boys should know about sexually transmitted diseases and the risks involved.

Modern Mom recommends setting expectations in the household for the boys, including keeping up with schoolwork, social events and family engagements. Teenage boys need positive attention on the things they do right. Avoid dwelling too much on areas where they are lacking. Global Post also advises keeping an eye out for warning signs, including skipping school, dropping grades or drastic changes in weight. All of these can be a sign of drug use, alcohol abuse or emotional or mental problems.