To effectively potty train a child, it is important to wait until the child is ready, create a solid potty training plan, and take things slow, according to BabyCenter. By waiting until a child is ready to begin potty training, the whole process is made easier. While some children are ready between 18 and 24 months, others are not ready, both mentally and physically, until age 3 or 4.

Some common signs that a child is ready to begin potty training include keeping his diapers dry during naps, the ability to pull his pants up and down, and showing an interest in others' bathroom activities, according to BabyCenter. Once it has been determined that a child is ready to begin potty training, create a plan to follow, including how and when to start, how to react to accidents and when to relax a bit on the rules.

While planning can make the process easier, it is also important to remain flexible with the plan and take things at the pace the child can handle, according to BabyCenter. Gentle reminders and encouragement should be used throughout the process, however, a toddler should not be pushed to become potty trained before he is ready. Offering praise and accepting mistakes goes a long way for a smooth transition during the process.