The best way to get revenge on your sister is to bide your time and wait for the perfect opportunity to come around. As the old adage goes, "revenge is a dish best served cold."

Although it is difficult not to immediately retaliate, waiting to get your revenge is the best way to ensure its success. This extra time gives you the opportunity to think things through. Consider: do you really want to seek revenge? Sometimes taking the higher road is the best revenge of all. It shows you do not stoop to her level and makes you appear classy and dignified by comparison, according to Lifehacker. If you are still bent on seeking vengeance, this time allows you the chance to plan the most effective strategy to get back at your sister. Make sure you select a time and place that she least expects revenge, as the element of surprise is one of the great weapons of revenge. Then, use your knowledge about your sister to concoct a fitting revenge. Think about what your sister cares about most and things that may be especially embarrassing to her. The final step is to play it cool. Do not give any hint of what you are planning. Be nice and pleasant until the time for revenge comes.