Teenagers spend their summer vacations working at summer jobs, attending summer camps, traveling with their families, hanging out with friends, playing video games and participating in social media. According to MediaPost, a 2011 Harris Interactive survey showed that teens spend more time watching television and playing video games during the summer than during the school year. Other summer options include volunteer work, reading, creative projects, summer classes and sports.

In addition to working paying jobs, teens can do volunteer work over the summer; this type of community service gives some teens credit at school. Teens who are involved with church or community youth groups also sometimes hold fundraisers during the summer for special causes.

Summer is also a good time to take classes that either prepare teens for the next year of school, help them catch up on subject matter they have not mastered or teach them new skills, such as driving a car, learning to cook or participating in a new sport. College-bound teens may also want to use the summer to visit prospective colleges.

Besides watching entertainment onscreen, some teens enjoy creating their own movies or music videos during the summer when they have time for major projects. Musically inclined teens may want to form a band and even hold a concert, notes Doorways LLC.