According to the Independent Adoption Center, the process of finding birth parents is very difficult, but there are several steps one can take. These steps include talking to the adoptive parents, contacting the adoption agency, signing up with an adoption reunion registry, asking for an original birth certificate, conducting an online search, and looking for birth certificates at the county courthouse.

A person looking for his birth parents should talk to his adoptive parents first, states the Independent Adoption Center, because often they may have birth certificates or even know the birth parents and can provide the adoptee with valuable information. The adoptee can also contact the adoption agency or attorney that arranged the adoption to obtain non-identifying information. If the adoptee asks for the birth parents to release information, the agency contacts them. The adoptee can leave his contact information with the agency to pass on to his birth parents if they call, according to the Independent Adoption Center. An adoptee can also sign up with an adoption reunion registry. If the birth parents have already registered or register later, the adoptee is notified. If the adoptee lives in a state with open adoption records, he can ask the state for a copy of his original birth certificate. In addition, he can search for the birth certificates of his birth parents at the county courthouse. Lastly, if the adoptee knows the names of his birth parents, he can conduct an online search.