Adopting a newborn baby involves approaching and investigating an adoption agency that specializes in such adoptions, such as Hope for Families. This organization specializes in domestic adoptions of newborn babies, and although there is a short waiting list, most adoptions occur within 12 to 18 months.

To begin the process, a couple should make sure they meet the requirements of the agency, such as marriage and health status, household income and age, all of which are factors considered for eligibility by certain agencies, according to Hope for Families. After this, couples must go through a home study conducted by a social worker from the agency and sign an adoption contract. The process of matching a couple with a birth mother begins after this.

Churches, crisis centers and various modes of advertising often refer birth mothers to an agency, explains Hope for Families. Infants born domestically are generally in good health, and prospective adoptive parents have an opportunity to review medical reports of the newborn baby before committing fully. Fees for such adoptions commonly include process fees paid to the agency and third-party fees as required by state and local laws as well as the cost of any legal work required.