You can try to reason with your parents, do extra chores around the house or tell them to take away some of your prized possessions for awhile instead of grounding you. Attempting to right any wrongs you committed is another method you can use to escape punishment.

According to Psychology Today, a parent can use a number of empowering ways to teach children right from wrong instead of grounding them. Your parents may be more open than you think to letting you off the hook from being grounded. Having an honest discussion with your parent or guardian can help you understand what you did wrong, and understanding that what you did was unacceptable may be the major goal of your punishment. If you sincerely apologize for your actions and gain forgiveness from your parents, you may be saved from getting grounded.

If you can convince one parent to release you from punishment, the other parent may consent. If you are facing a serious issue that caused you to get grounded, attending counseling and getting help from a professional may get you out of being grounded. Making a commitment to change bad behavior permanently may make your parent take mercy on you. Even if you are unable to completely get out of being grounded, you may be able to reduce the length of your punishment through fair negotiations.