Reliable real estate websites for locating homes to rent or purchase include Zillow, Trulia, Yahoo Homes, Realtor and Redfin, according to eBizMBA. Homes, ApartmentGuide, Curbed, ReMax and Hotpads complete the list of top 10.

These sites stand out because they offer accurate, timely and adequate information to potential home buyers, Redfin explains. When buyers search for information regarding homes for sale, they are able to see every home that is available. Information is updated in real time about newly listed homes. The accuracy of the information is such that the houses being viewed are still for sale.

For buyers searching for homes within their local states, brokerage sites offer adequate information as compared to national portals. This is because national portals rely on real estate brokers and agents who repost what they already have on these portals, states Redfin. In a national sense, national portals are better as they cover a broader geographic area.

In terms of updating information, brokerage sites generally promote newly listed homes faster than national portals, as they update information within minutes once the agents have received them, Redfin explains. This helps the buyer to receive accurate information regarding which homes are still for sale and which ones have already been sold.