An individual can find a place to shred documents through special websites such as that locate shredding services according to an individual's location. Such websites can help individuals who need to shred a large volume of documents, destroy electronics or destroy items other than paper.

Items an individual might want to shred include credit card statements, payroll reports, job applications, contracts and Social Security numbers. Both companies and individuals may have documents, electronics and other items that need to be destroyed to protect against identity theft and for increased security. Any professional document shredding company an individual uses may charge for its services.

Before using a document shredding company, an individual should check the company's background and request a list of professional references. The individual might also want to see if the company has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

Companies and individuals can opt to shred documents and information with a person shredder, but not everyone has the patience to feed paper through the shredder, and some individuals may not want to deal with paper jams. Those who have children or pets may worry about safety. In addition to paper documents, an individual may want to shred electronic items, such as hard drives, DVDs or CDs. ID badges, uniforms and recalled products may also need to be properly disposed of.