Check your computer's history by accessing the control panel from the start menu, entering administrative tools and then accessing the files you need. There is no need for additional tools or software to check this history.

  1. Access the start menu

    Locate the "start" icon, and click on it. A list of options will appear on the screen.

  2. Enter the control panel

    Click on the "control panel" from the start menu. This will display a separate window on your screen.

  3. Locate the administrative tools

    Find the "administrative tools" link in the control panel window, and click on it.

  4. Enter the event viewer

    Locate and click on "event viewer" from the administrative tools. This will provide a list, or an event log, of all programs, files and other items used on the computer.

  5. Highlight specific programs to see the date of access

    Check the date that a program was accessed by highlighting the program name. Once highlighted, right click, and then click on "properties." A small window will show up providing you with the date that the program was last accessed and who accessed it. Keep in mind that the system may log this action as access, so the date may not be accurate.